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Caress the soft curves of your body,it’s like walking without being tied,On the sharp ridge of a mountain.  Suck your sweet little breasts,it’s like licking a fresh ice cream,on the hottest day of summer.  Taste the moods of your freshly flower,It’s like cooling off under a natural waterfall,after running a long marathon.  Kiss your lovely and sweet lips,It’s like breathing the first breath of air,after emerging from an apnea record.  Explode with pleasure inside you,It’s like sliding fast in tunnel,which leads to the brightest of rainbows.   Fell the union of our skin in an embrace,it’s like getting out of a blizzard,and enter a Finnish sauna.  And just like our bodies,even the sensations get confused,in a wonderful confusion,between dream and reality.    




You are the secret lover waiting for you on the alcove.

The strict mistress, the obedient slave.

You are the sexy nurse who treats all your evils.

The protective mother, the vicious daughter.

You are the caring wife who fulfills all your fantasies.

The provocative secretary, the eager schoolgirl.

You are the sensual hostess who satisfies your desires.

The corrupt cop women, the obedient little dog.

You are the innocent girl who savors your cream.

You are the queen of hearts, the virgin

who offers herself to you smiling.

And much more...

On the stage of your theater your roles are performed to perfection.

And the cost of the ticket is always well spent.

But who are you when the lights go out?

When do you take off your masks in your dressing room?

I would like to be the one who knows you from that moment.

Which includes your fears and passions.

Who sees your eyes light up at your emotions. 

That dries your tears and caresses your hair.

Who walks with you hand in hand and hugs you while you watch a sunset.

Who hears you laughing carefree and dances with you listening to a stupid song.

Oh sure !! I would like to be that lucky person, because in addition to your wonderful body (which everyone wants to believe to possess). 

I would also merge whit your soul.



I want to lose myself in your innocent and mischievous look that awaken every storm and in your feline and bewitching eyes, stolen at a majestik tiger.
Wrap me with your soft voice, that even if I don’t understand, become the sound of love and with your candid and velvety skin like snow covered the top of mountain.
Quench my thirst with your wonderful little baby breast and with the fleshy devine spring than flows at the end of your thigs.
I know very well that I will never reach the center of your heart, nor that I will ever comfort you when tears will furrow your face.
But every time I meet you, even if for a short time, it will always be a fantastic illusion for me