Hi Violeta,


I’m XXXL, we met last year in Rome and we’ll meet again tomorrow in Florence and, if you want, also on Sunday in Rome to go to the swinger club!


This is my fantasy, how I’d love our meeting to go tomorrow!


I come to your place and it’s like I’m coming home to my girlfriend. You’ve just been to the gym and you’re still sweaty and you come to me kissing me and asking me how the day has been. I’ll take a quick shower and come to the room where you’ll be waiting for me. 


We’ll chat a bit and you’ll tell me “honey, I’ve just came back from the gym and my feet are sweaty and dirty, take my shoes off and smell my feet!”. I’ll go and smell your feet, massage them and we’ll talk a bit more.


I’ll tell you I really want to fuck you and you’ll tell me that it’s ok but since I have a small cock I have to pay you, while you let other guy fuck you for free because they have a bigger dick


You’ll tell me something like “honey, I was thinking… I want to go to a swinger club to fuck some really good cock… bigger than yours… can we go in the coming days?”. I’ll tell you ok and we’ll choose a swinger club in Rome you like, watching it on my mobile phone, or yours…



You’ll start touching yourself thinking about all the cocks you’ll suck and fuck in the swinger club and tell me about it. I’ll keep on smelling and licking your feet. You’ll take of your sweatpants and put yourself on all four telling me to lick your feet and your asshole while you touch yourself and you’ll tell me I have a small cock, I’m your cuckold and you love big cocks and so on. Then you’ll start sucking my cock. You’ll watch and inspect my cock and tell me that’s why you love fucking other cocks, because I have a small one and you prefer other and bigger ones. Then we’ll fuck a lot and finally you’ll let me cum with a great blowjob.


This is for tomorrow. Then, if we meet on Sunday or Monday evening, there are two possible scenarios:


1) SWINGER CLUB I come and lift you up with my car. I’d love to come up to your place and help you get ready for the night, like help you with your stockings, shoes… and you’ll tell me “honey I’m so happy that tonight I’ll fuck a real man and not your small dick”. You’ll have a short dress, high heels and will be ready to fuck. We’ll go to the swinger club where you’ll play my shy girlfriend who has never been in such a place. You’ll be with me, kissing me and telling me “honey it’s ok if I play a bit?”. Then you’ll start playing with other guy and start humiliating me, like telling others “I fuck with you because his cock is small” and stuff like that. You’ll fuck and have fun with whoever you want and you could also use me as a slave to lick your feet in front of others to show how I’m submissive to my nasty girlfriend.


2) FUCK MY FRIEND I’ll pick you up and you’ll come to my penthouse. You’ll be my nasty girlfriend who wants to fuck another guy, a friend of mine who has a big cock. I’ll get you ready, lick your pussy and ass, lick your feet, help you get ready and then cook something for you to eat with my friend. Then he’ll fuck the shit out of you while you humiliate me and then you’ll let me smell and lick your feet while I masturbate and cum all by myself.


Let me know if this is ok with you, anyway we’ll discuss about this tomorrow!